Engaged {Bobby & Liz}

Another successful engagement session on the books! First of all, a big congrats to Bobby and Liz; secondly, let the wedding planning fun begin! Bobby & Liz’s engagement session is just the first step of many, and I’m so thankful I was able to be a part of it. We had such a great time shooting at Saguaro Lake. It’s a beautiful site, with amazing photo ops of course. Bobby and Liz made my job SO easy by being so dang cute in literally every frame!

The two love birds kept each other smiling and giggling the entire session, which obviously made me smile and laugh a whole lot, too! To top it all off, I still can’t get over how gorgeous the afternoon that we spent on the lake was. Arizona continues to amaze me each day. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone that lives in this beautiful state, it would be to take advantage of the amazing sites that it has to offer! Throwing a fun-loving couple like Bobby and Liz in front of those views, makes for a picture perfect shot! Their love for one another is truly contagious, and I cannot wait for them to officially tie the knot! Look out world!

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Engagements {Say YES}

Oh, Engagement Season – You fill our newsfeeds from Thanksgiving ’til Valentine’s day with cheery fiancés, gorgeous rings and lots of love! Now that all of the excitement has died down, I am filled with anticipation for my engagement sessions coming up in the next few months with my new couples!

Shooting engagement sessions is a photographer’s dream! I get to spend time with the couple away from all of the hoopla and stress of wedding planning and really get to know them as people. I enjoy hearing their own love stories, how they met, their likes & dislikes and find out if they are cat or dog people (that last item is serious business). While they get the opportunity to flex their best blue steel, and gain confidence in front of the camera before the big day.  I love seeing their love and personalities shine in my photos. The engagement session is almost a preview of how my couple’s weddings will go. We’ll laugh together, cry together and I’ll get to capture the special and intimate moments of their day! How cool is that!?

So cheers to you, Engagement Season. Thank you for starting off my 2016 full of new couples & new memories!

2016-02-16_0001 2016-02-16_0003 2016-02-16_0004 2016-02-16_0006 2016-02-16_0007 2016-02-16_0008 2016-02-16_0009 2016-02-16_0010 2016-02-16_0012 2016-02-16_0013 2016-02-16_0014 2016-02-16_0015

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Sara and Stevie {SS Loveboat}

Ya’ see what I did there?!   I can’t get enough of these two and their fun-lovin’ style.  Sara and Stevie are tying the knot this coming April at Paradise Valley Country Club.  Get ready for friends, family, flowers, fun and a very famous view.  And confetti. I’m pretty sure there will be confetti.

I seriously cant say enough about this couple.  Sara is so beautifully creative and Stevie’s happy go lucky personality is the perfect complement to her spunk.  An event pro herself, she has a beautiful vision for this celebration.  I can’t wait to see it unfold and be there to capture it.

A huge thank you to Stevie’s parents who tagged along to the shoot.  They kept us laughing all afternoon and were the best confetti-tossing assistants money could buy.  I am actually thinking of bringing them on all my shoots.  I hope they have some fall dates open!

I actually met Sara at the I Do Wedding Charity Auction.  Sara bid on and won my photography package but when it comes down to it, I feel like the real winner.  This auction was an amazing opportunity to give back to an incredible organization that has made a huge impact in my life AND I ended up with a couple of really rad clients.  The whole experience was such a gift!  A do-good- things-and-good-things-happen wonderful kind of gift.



Sara+and+Stevie+Engagments25-3284149285-O Sara+and+Stevie+Engagments27-3284148832-O Sara+and+Stevie+Engagments32-3284147621-O Sara+and+Stevie+Engagments38-3284146807-O Sara+and+Stevie+Engagments49-3284145044-O Sara+and+Stevie+Engagments60-3284143551-O Sara+and+Stevie+Engagments56-3284144006-O




Sara+and+Stevie+Engagments84-3284138150-O Sara+and+Stevie+Engagments100-3284135224-O





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Mikayla and Eric {Love Bug}

Love these two to pieces!! The light.  The lines.  The laughs.  This shoot was a total blast.  And grandpa’s VW bug?  I die!

Mikayla and Eric’s first date was at San Tan Brewery and downtown Chandler made the perfect backdrop for their engagement session.  Urban mixed with historic mixed with a small-town western flair.  We reminisced about that night and all agreed that the perfect number of cat’s is zero.  You know, typical engagement session stuff.

Enter the bug.  Mikayla’s family has an AWESOME old Volkswagen Beetle that belonged to her grandfather that they wanted to incorporate into the shoot.  Um, YES!  Not only was it the perfect prop, but it was a such a heartfelt way in incorporate their loved ones in their engagement.

As a totally grandpa’s girl myself, it brought a tear to my eye and made me so excited for what’s to come at the wedding.  I knew I loved these two when I first met them and this sealed the deal!  Sorry Eric, I have officially become the third wheel in your match in heaven!  Hang on – it’s gonna be a fun ride!!

Mikayla and Eric Engagments5 Mikayla and Eric Engagments16 Mikayla and Eric Engagments28 Mikayla and Eric Engagments31 Mikayla and Eric Engagments39

Mikayla and Eric Engagments37

Mikayla and Eric Engagments44 Mikayla and Eric Engagments48 Mikayla and Eric Engagments57 Mikayla and Eric Engagments73 Mikayla and Eric Engagments78 Mikayla and Eric Engagments87 Mikayla and Eric Engagments100 Mikayla and Eric Engagments101 Mikayla and Eric Engagments103 Mikayla and Eric Engagments104
Mikayla and Eric Engagments111 Mikayla and Eric Engagments120 Mikayla and Eric Engagments126

Mikayla and Eric Engagments134

Mikayla and Eric Engagments136

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Mike and Carmen {A Giant Love}

What do you do when you are two baseball fans that are hopelessly in love?? Rock an engagement session with cute custom jerseys in the Spring Training capitol of the World of course!

Meet Mike and Carmen.  They love our favorite all-American pastime just about as much as they love each other.  With that said, we headed down to Old Town for a fun engagement shoot that incorporated all of their favorite things.  The Waterfront. The Giants. And each other.

This is how you do an engagement session.  Make it fun.  Make it you.  Make it memorable. Incorporate those things that are special to the two of you, in the places you love spending time, doing the things that you happiest.  Forget engagement sessions – just do LIFE this way!!!

Can’t wait for this cute couple’s wedding at SoHo63 next fall.  I am sure it will be a home run!

Michael and Carmen - 49 Michael and Carmen - 69 Michael and Carmen - 67 Michael and Carmen - 82

Michael and Carmen - 78 Michael and Carmen - 90 Michael and Carmen - 100 Michael and Carmen - 104 Michael and Carmen - 38 Michael and Carmen - 32

Michael and Carmen - 53

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Cory and Carolynn {High Country Cuties}

Meet Cory and Carolynn (and Ernie and Howie).  These two love birds are gettin’ hitched this weekend in Sedona.  I. Can’t. Wait.  I can’t wait because Cory is my cousin and I am actually attending this wedding as a guest!

As Prescott natives, Cory and Carolynn decided to get married in Sedona.  A total destination for out-of-towners, close to home for family, and a sweet reprieve from the heat for the poor saps like me headed up from Phoenix.  It’s a weekend chalk full of wedding fun.  From golf to jeep tours, day after brunch, and reception festivities – this is going to be a blast.

Whenever family and close friends get married, I have a rule that I will do the engagement photos, if they want of course, and leave the wedding day up to one of my fab photo friends.  The reasoning behind this is threefold.  First, I am a crier and will ball during family photos, ceremony, formals, you name it.  Basically, I get completely emotionally involved in the day when I know the couple THIS well.  On top of the physical demand of shooting 9+ hours, I end up emotionally pooped.  Secondly, I have a slew of ultra talented photographer friends that I am happy to refer my cute cousin couples to. They tend to do the same with me and it builds great professional relationships.  Lastly, weddings are a ton of fun and a big event for guests.  I WANT to celebrate on the dance floor with everyone else.  Weddings should be a treat for the guests, not a job. I love that my loved ones let me kick back on their big days and share a toast with them to their future.

So Cory and Carolynn, thank you for letting me coerce you into an empty field, down a creekbed, and on to a lot under construction in pursuit of great views, light, and lines.  Thank you for letting me hang with our friends and family on your big day.  And thank you for making this celebration as much about the guests as it is you.  Here’s to Saturday!  MUAH!

cory and carolynn (04 of 134)-2 cory and carolynn (18 of 134)Picture2
cory and carolynn (77 of 134)

cory and carolynn (98 of 134) cory and carolynn (105 of 134) cory and carolynn (113 of 134)


cory and carolynn (134 of 134)

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