Four Letter Words

After 5 years, I finally did it.  I broke down and started a blog.  After the encouragement of many, and the realization that I have totally been missing the boat, the I Do Photography blog is live! I hope you enjoy my storied perspective on weddings, life, and of course bulldogs and food. Stop by often and be sure to leave your own musings.

Oh yeah!  The site.  I have a new Web site and I’m in love with it.  And the best part, all my Clients will also get their own site for proofing and sharing!  This has been a labor of love the past few months and I could not be happier with the
outcome.  A huge thanks to the team that made it all possible.

As of today, “blog” is no longer in my repertoire of four letter words.  I’m definitely keeping the rest of the bunch in rotation but confidently and candidly moving this one over to the “it’s ok to use in front of mom” pile. Here’s to embracing the
opportunity to tell my Clients’ stories and share mine with all of you
*raises champagne glass in the air*.



Kelly says:

So excited to see what you have in store!

Ashley says:

Congrats on the new site, I love the way it looks! I especially love when I landed on the home page and saw the photos and how it reveals one large photo, that was such a cool touch. I love how it visually tells a story then reveals one final photo that sums up those moments. Your pictures are amazing and you finally have a great looking site to showcase all these. Cheers!